Welcome to preliminary page of FMPhI-UNIBA Grid Center
  Faculty of mathematics, physics and informatics,
  Comenius University, Bratislava
  Slovak Republic

  Last update: 1332190603 UTC


03/10/2014     New LOGBOOK on https://grid.dnp.fmph.uniba.sk/elog.
03/19/2012     In December 2012, after long exceptional duty our web server left us. Finally we've found a new one.
03/26/2011     In the last few months our boys successfuly installed new worker nodes and storage elementes and tested everything out. Result is in increase of successfuly finished jobs/day ratio by more than 200%. (average before : ~500 jobs/day, now ~1600, peak at 3000+). Thank you very much boys ;-)
03/25/2011   Magic milestone "Successfuly DONE jobs" per day : 3000, has been beaten today.
12/01/2010     Reorganization of the administrators. I'm going out basicaly. Memorandum of understanding between FMPhI-UNIBA GRID Center and CERN is about to be signed by us.
08/07/2010     New troubleshooting web page related to issues on grid has been created. URL is https://grid.dnp.fmph.uniba.sk/help. In order to access this page you need to have valid certificate signed by CA SlovakGrid and your DN must be on list of allowed people. Please contact Vladimir Fekete via site email for details. This we page is in Slovak language only !.

On 22nd of April our colleague - Pavel Šťavina suddenly left us after a tragic accident. Pavel was a great admirer of information technologies and he was a base stone of the FMPhI-UNIBA GRID Center. We will miss him very much. Rest In Peace Pavel.

Some time ago, If I good remember it was on CE ROC meeting, there was a proposition - someone was encouraging sites and their admins/staff to share knowledge (preferably in native language) related to their work. There will be some parts of this site in native language - Slovak, but informations, that could help everybody will be written in english (at least I'll do my best to keep it in english as well, or only in english).
You can look at the site description and contact informations in GOCDB. If you have any comments or sugestions you can use mail contant listed there. Please don't forget, that it is general mail for everyone (see crew section for more informations on whom you will contact using given email).

- Vladimir Fekete     (Sat Dec 11 12:17:54 +0100 2010)

Meet the crew

We are all volunteers and our positions sometimes intersects. When you will try to reach us via email/phone, it is highly possible, that you will speak to this people who are currently involved in building and administration of grid site:

Vladimir Fekete   [consultant/web page]           web page, backup
Tibor Ženiš       [wizard/site admin/sert/atlas]  admin, dedicated ATLAS VO admin
Robert Breier     [site admin/sert]               backup
Michal Mereš      [site admin/sert/alice]         admin, dedicated ALICE VO admin
Matej Zagiba      [wizard]                        backup

And of course my big thanks goes to all people from 1st line support I've been and I am in contact - Ján Astaloš, Peter Slížik, Miroslav Dobrucký, Marian Bábik (no more in the project) and Tomáš Darányi (no more in the project). Withouth their help there would be no gride site. Also I'd like to say hello and I'm happy for the cooperation with IEPSAS-Kosice site and their administrators/staff. Last, I would like to thank to people from blackhole.sk portal for their advice and support.